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God decides how to perform the miracle.


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Our why

Jerrell and Valencya Thompson had three miscarriages prior to the birth of their first two living children and a fourth following. They have since given birth to their third living child in September of 2019. While the couple was waiting on their miracle babies, Valencya was called to write a book, but she wasn't ready...yet. It wasn't until her daughter (second born), Broughton, was nearly one year old before she had the courage to complete what God had asked of her. And, it wasn't until she was already journaling the personal parts of her story that she realized God desired not just her own, but also Jerrell's part - as it required both for the manifestation of their children to be revealed in the earth.

Our Journey to #fertilityhope (OJTFH) is the book that was written from the heart of Valencya Thompson with her husband, Jerrell, as led by God. Instructed by the Holy Spirit to share snippets of her life's story as a vehicle to navigate the reader's thoughts, provides perspective on the shared human condition of God's love and cultivation of His children through and beyond our flaws.

This story just so happens to emphasize the specific grief of infertility through miscarriages, but at its core OJTFH, was created to help you journey your way through any form of grief. It will also aid you in resisting temptation from the enemy to ascribe your loss to punishment from God for falling short in the past. 

Valencya was terrified when God called her to launch #fertilityhope. It was only after understanding, God was NOT requiring for her to pretend that she possessed the power to know who God would (and would not) allow to birth babies from their wombs, that she embraced this calling. She began to see that God was, instead, calling her and her family to serve as living vessels - as conduits of God's ability to heal the broken-hearted. This is when she relinquished control and fully trusted Jesus in this process. She then, placed her hand in His, to humbly lead other's on their own grief journeys toward God.


The story behind the mission.

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the goal

Our Mission

Valencya Thompson and her husband Jerrell Thompson are the parents of three live children and four angel babies who were loss during miscarriage. As the couple behind #fertilityhopeministry, Valencya and Jerrell share their testimony of overcoming miscarriages through the birth of their two (now three) children so that couples facing this battle will know that they are not alone!

The Fertility Hope Ministy's mission is to spread the message of God's hope and love to those who are grieving with a specific heart for those who have experienced infertility, pregnancy and/or infant loss.

#fertilityhope's mission is fulfilled via virtual devotionals, sermons and conversations, live gatherings and events (i.e., Women's Brunch and Conferences), speaking and preaching engagements, theatrical productions, and published literature to name a few!

what we do

How we fulfill our mission.

The Fertility Hope Ministry Team facilitates corporate intercessory prayer on behalf of women and families who struggle or have struggled with primary and secondary infertility, inclusive of miscarriages, and those considering adoption. Fertility Hope (FH) also hosts Women's brunches, facilitates in-home small groups, provides consultation, live on-air devotionals, preaches fertility-related sermons, and publishes books and other literature related to faith and fertility incorporating medicine. In April of 2019, FH hosted its first Women's Conference. 

Valencya operates with Jerrell the Fertility Hope Ministry @fertilityhopeministry on Facebook and @fertilityhope on Instagram, which is near and dear to their hearts, as they encourage those who have struggled with infertility, pregnancy, and/or infant loss, being over-comers of four miscarriages themselves.


They are the proud authors of Our Journey to #fertilityhope, now available for purchase in print under the Books tab and at, as well as, in digital format on Amazon Kindle.

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